SingMai Electronics



SingMai Electronics bring years of experience and design innovation to bear on the creation of a range of products for Video and Imaging applications.



A complete rethink of the inspection/CCTV system, from image sensor to display and video recorder.

Transmits 1080p/50-60Hz HD video >300m digitally or >500m in analogue with high quality.

Supports low cost coaxial (digital and analogue) or twisted pair (analogue only) cables.

Low noise, high resolution images with zero latency and no compression artifacts.

Power over cable.

Interfaces directly to image sensor with integrated ISP .

Applications in remote/subsea inspection and CCTV.


Video Test Equipment

SM01 Video Test Generator

NTSC-M/J. PAL-BG/I/60. SDI. PAL-M. NTSC-443. YPbPr. CVBS. PAL-N. 960H, 1280H

SDI video encoder.

Dozens of patterns.

White noise and hum generator.

Zone plate generator.

Programmable 12MHz horizontal sweep generator.

Video IP Cores

Video IP cores banner

Broadcast quality NTSC/PAL video decoders with sample rate converter, 960H support and adaptive 3D comb filter.

Broadcast quality NTSC/PAL video encoder with 960H support and cross-colour and cross-luma reduction.

Motion adaptive video/image noise reducer IP core for SD, 960H and HD resolutions.

Real time histogram equalisation.

JSi Encoders and Decoders.


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