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SingMai offer a range of compact, proven and field tested intellectual property cores for video and image processing.

IP cores can help you get your product to market quicker, but they can also be a bit of a minefield. After all, you are probably looking to purchase the core because it lies outside of your expertise. SingMai understand this; we do not just ship the core to you and let you get on with it. All our IP cores come with 6 months design-in support. If you wish we can come to you to help with verification or we can provide training to your engineers, from basic video fundamentals to the detailed architecture of the IP core. We can offer customisations of the core so it exactly meets your requirements and provides the best product solution for you - we try not to sell square pegs for round holes. We offer the cores at what we hope are affordable prices and we provide a 3 years update guarantee with every core so you always have the latest features should you wish to incorporate them. Finally all the IP cores have FPGA evaluation boards available so you can fully evaluate the performance before purchase.

The IP cores are supplied as RTL compliant Verilog source code, (no custom library functions), and are suitable for all FPGA vendors and ASIC/IC.

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Order Code
Video IP Cores (Decoders)
PT5 Broadcast quality video decoder with 3D comb filter, noise reduction and sample rate converter.
Broadcast quality, 12 bit adaptive line/field/frame comb NTSC/PAL video decoder with integrated sample rate converter and and 3D noise reduction
PT22 aCVi video decoder (supports up to 1080p/50-60Hz).
aCVi video decoder. 10 bit digital video input, BT1120 or Y and CbCr (20 bit) output. 720p/50-60, 1080p/25-30 and 1080p/50-60Hz support.
Video IP Cores (Encoders)
PT8 Multistandard video encoder Broadcast quality video encoder, converts 10 bit BT656 video into a 10 bit composite PAL/NTSC/PAL-M/PAL-N encoded video output.
PT21 aCVi video encoder (supports up to 1080p/50-60Hz).
aCVi video encoder. BT1120 or Y and CbCr (20 bit) input, 10 bit digital aCVi output. 720p/50-60, 1080p/25-30 and 1080p/50-60Hz support.
Video Enhancement IP Cores
PT12 3D Motion Adaptive Noise reducer Motion adaptive video noise reducer for SD and HD resolutions.
IP Cores (Other)
PT13 Compact microprocessor
A very low gate count microprocessor using embedded ROM and RAM for simple controller applications.



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