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PT8 is a Multistandard Video encoder IP core with support for 960H and 1280H outputs.

    PT8 is a multistandard Video encoder supporting PAL-M/N/B/D/G/H/I and NTSC-M/J as well as 960H (Sony Effio) and 1280H formats.

    The intellectual property core accepts BT656 formatted data, in either 8 or 10 bit format, and the associated 27MHz clock (36/54MHz for 960H/1280H), which it encodes to a 10 bit, digital composite video signal, which can be used to directly drive a digital to analogue converter, modulator or other output device.

    PAL-M/N/B/D/G/H/I, NTSC-M/J and 960H/1280H outputs.
    High quality video output: <1% DG and <1deg DP, <1% K-factor and <-70dB SNR.
    Requires BT656 video input and 27MHz clock (36MHz/54MHz for 960H/1280H).
    Fully programmable for non-standard inputs and outputs.
    Output is up-sampled to 27/36/54MHz straight binary digital composite video.
    12 bit chroma modulator.
    Switchable Sinx/x correction.
    Pre-programmed register settings for common standards.
    Standard 8-bit control interface bus.
    Demonstration board available (SM09).



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