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PT8 is a Multistandard Video encoder IP core with support for 960H and 1280H outputs.


PT8 is a multistandard Video encoder supporting PAL-M/N/B/D/G/H/I and NTSC-M/J as well as 960H (Sony Effio) and 1280H formats.

The intellectual property core accepts Y,Cb,Cr formatted data, in either 3x8 or 3x10 bit format, and the associated 27MHz clock (36/54MHz for 960H/1280H) and synchronising signals, and it encodes this data to a 10 bit, digital composite video signal, which can be used to directly drive a digital to analogue converter, modulator or other output device.

  • PAL-M/N/B/D/G/H/I, NTSC-M/J and 960H/1280H outputs.
  • High quality video output: <1% DG and <1deg DP, <1% K-factor and <-70dB SNR.
  • Requires Y,Cb,Cr video input and 27MHz clock (36MHz/54MHz for 960H/1280H), H/V/F syncs.
  • Fully programmable for non-standard inputs and outputs.
  • Output is up-sampled to 27/36/54MHz straight binary digital composite video.
  • 12 bit chroma modulator.
  • Switchable Sinx/x correction.
  • Pre-programmed register settings for common standards.
  • Standard 8-bit control interface bus.
  • Demonstration board available (SB5).


Order Codes:

PT8: Video Encoder IP core - unlimited time/use license. Supplied as RTL compliant Verilog source code for all ASIC and FPGA use.

SB5: PT8 evaluation board.


PT8 is supplied as RTL compliant Verilog source code for unlimited time/unit use, (all FPGA vendors and ASIC/IC), and with 6 months e-mail support and a 3 year update guarantee.

Download the PT8 user manual


The PT8 evaluation board (SB5) provides 10 switchable video patterns (including a 12MHz sweep) or can accept an SDI input, and provides an NTSC or PAL encoded output (ncluding 960H and 1280H format). The price of the board is refundable against the purchase of the IP core.



  • Inputs: SDI (525 or 625 line, 270Mb - SMPTE-259M).
  • Outputs: NTSC or PAL CVBS (1V pk-pk nom into 75ohms).
  • Programmed with PT8 IP core.
  • Built in video pattern generator.
  • Patterns available: 75%/100%/SMPTE colour bars, CCIR17/18/330/331 (PAL only), N7CMPF/N7CMBF/FCCMB (NTSC only), 5.5MHz/7.75MHz/12MHz frequency sweep (NTSC-PAL/960H/1280H), Ramp.
  • Switch inputs: Pattern/SDI select, Pattern select, NTSC/PAL select.
  • High quality filtered and buffered output.
  • Compact design (120x75mm), supplied with AC-DC power adaptor.
  • Reprogrammable for customised designs.
  • Price refundable against purchase of IP core.

Download the SB5 user manual (PT8 evaluation board)



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