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Newsletter Issue 11


We are pleased to announce the appointment of ARTech of Israel as our Middle East representative. New ARTech Technologies was founded in 2003 and they represent several IP core, EDA tool, design service, precise navigation and power solutions partners in Israel. Their customers are both semiconductor (SOC, FPGA, ASIC) and system companies.


SingMai have renamed their HD-CVI interface to aCVi (Advanced Composite Video Interface). The interface is still offered as an open standard and a number of enhancements will be offered in the next 2-3 months, including support for HD video standards up to 1080p/60 and bi-directional data transfers for control.

SingMai support this interface with both hardware and IP cores: for further details please follow this link.


New Product announcements

A number of new products are planned for the next quarter. New hardware products include:

DP5-L: A Lattice FPGA development platform to partner the DP5-A Altera platform. It is also compatible with the same comprehensive range of add-on boards.

SM01: An SD video development platform.

DP10: An HD-SDI/SDI transmitter add-on board for the DP5 FPGA development platforms.


New IP Cores include:

PT21: The aCVI encoder IP core.

PT22: The aCVI decoder IP core.




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