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Innovative, Cost Effective Video Intellectual Property Cores.

Video Intellectual Property Cores without the Hassle.

SingMai provide a range of video IP cores for the decoding, encoding and transmission of video.


Cost effective, Simple licensing, Field-proven IP cores for FPGAs and ASICs.

Encoding and Decoding of NTSC, PAL, 960H, AHD, HD-TVI and HD-CVI.

Supports formats from 525i to 8k15 .

Adaptive 3D noise reduction.

SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI encoding and decoding.

All IP cores are designed in-house.



Transmit High Definition Video more than 300m.

Transmit High Definition Video more than 300m.

Transmit high definition video more than 300m across coaxial or twisted pair cable.


Available as transmit and receive modules or IP cores to incorporate into your products.

Low latency, non-compressed video.

Secure transmission.

High quality transmission.

Can be used for RF transmission.

Ideal for remote inspection, remote monitoring, subsea inspection, pipeline inspection, digital signage, or drone video transmission. YouTube page

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