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PT13 is a small footprint 8-bit microprocessor.

PT13 is a very compact 8-bit microprocessor IP core with a minimal memory footprint intended for embedded control applications.


Only $1000 for unlimited time/use license.

Uses only 600 FPGA logic elements or <7000 2-input NAND gate equivalent.

Minimal memory footprint.

Memory mapped I/O.

Free editor and assembler.

Can compile code directly to Altera MIF memory format.

45 instructions.

Many sample code examples provided.

Demonstration board available (SB13).


Download the PT13 user manual.

PT13 microprocessor IP core block diagram

Link to the CONTEXT editor used for the PT13.

Link to the CONTEXT editor highlighter file.

Link to the as13, PT13 assembler executable file.


Code examples.



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