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PT13 is a compact microprocessor for Altera (Intel) FPGAS.

A compact microprocessor for Altera (Intel) FPGAs that we designed for use in our products. The design uses less than 400 logic elements allowing multiple instantiations in the same FPGA. The assembler automatically generates a MIF file which can be automatically compiled after a code change into a small single-port ROM. PT13 is ideal for simple control operations, display control, I2C initialisation of devices etc.




Download the PT13 user manual:

An EDN article describing the microprocessor design may be read here:


Free Download

You can download the design for free from here (this is a .tdf file which is only usable in Altera [Intel] FPGAs):

This is the assembler for the PT13:

The editor we use can be downloaded from here:

and an editor highlighter for the PT13 can be downloaded here:






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