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PT51 is a 'universal' analogue video decoder IP core  

PT51 can decode almost all analogue video formats in one compact IP core.

PT51 can decode all NTSC and PAL formats, 960H, 1280H and the analogue HD formats now used in the security market for long distance transmission of video over cable, and supports all video standards.

PT51 is also compatible with SingMai's aCVi video transmission interface.

PT51 provides the HF compensation signal to compensate for the high frequency cable loss.

Analogue HD video waveform

See also:

PT55 'universal' video encoder IP core.

PT5 NTSC/PAL video decoder IP core with 3D comb filter.

Download the PT51 user manual.

PT51 universal video decoder user manual

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PT51 'universal' video decoder IP core

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