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SM02: aCVi / YPbPr / HD-SDI Video Test Pattern Generator and Encoder

SM02 is a broadcast quality HD video pattern generator and video encoder.

SM02 generates 19 different 10-bit patterns (including a circular zone plate) and provides simultaneous HD-SDI, YPbPr and aCVi outputs in one of  11 HD video formats.

Additionally SM02 accepts SMPTE-292 HD-SDI inputs which it encodes to all the above outputs. White noise and 50/60Hz hum may also be added to the analogue outputs.

SM02 is easy to operate, affordable and compact.

It is perfect for the evaluation and measurement of HD video products and systems in industries such as security, industrial inspection and broadcast TV.




aCVi: BNC : Component: BNC - YPbPr : HD-SDI: BNC – SMPTE-292M


720p-25/30/50/59.94/60Hz, 1080p-24/25/29.97/30Hz, 1080i/50/59.94/60Hz.

Patterns available include:

75%/100%/SMPTE Colour bars,

Black/White/50% grey/Red/Green/Blue flat fields,

2T, 20T and Pulse bar, Crosshatch, Ramp, 5 step linearity,

30MHz Multiburst, 15/7.5MHz, 30/15MHz Luma/chroma sweep,

Pathological (SDI test),


Circular zone plate.


Programmable amplitude 50/60Hz hum and white noise (analogue outputs only).

Adjustable parameters include:

aCVi: Luma/chroma/sync/burst/aCVi amplitude, Black level

YPbPr: Y/Pb/Pr/sync amplitude, black level.


Dimensions: 165mm x 161mm x 51.5mm

Power: +7.5VDC (AC/DC adaptor provided – 100-250VAC input)


Download the SM02 user manual


For the highest quality and reliability, the SM02 module uses Analog Devices components.


The SM02 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.



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