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SM17 is an SDI / HD-SDI frame synchroniser

SM17 co-times two asynchronous SDI or HD-SDI video sources so they may be simply overlayed or multiplexed into one signal for stereo or 3D video applications.

SM17 has applications in:

  • 3D/stereo video inspection.
  • Broadcast video.
  • Re-formatting out of specification video sources.
  • Removing clock jitter from SDI or HD-SDI video sources.

SM17 accepts two SDI or HD-SDI video sources. Video source B is retimed such that it is vertically and horizontally is aligned, to a pixel accuracy, with video source A. The vertical and horizontal timing may be user adjusted and new settings saved.

SM17 full frame video synchroniser for 3D and stereo video

  • Accepts 525i / 625i SDI and 720p-25/30/50/59/60Hz, 1080p-24/25/29/30Hz and 1080i-50/59/60Hz HD-SDI video standards (automatic standard detection).
  • Synchronises input B to co-time with input A.
  • Both input A and input B are re-clocked to remove jitter.
  • Full frame synchroniser.
  • Pixel accurate timing.
  • User adjustable horizontal and vertical position.


The SM17 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.

1-5 £545.00

6-9 £495.00

10-25 £445.00

(e-mail for very attractive quantity discounts).





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