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SM01 is a broadcast quality video test pattern generator for SD video.

SM01 generates simultaneous SDI and NTSC/PAL outputs.

SM01 generates 12 different patterns, including a circular zone plate. Pattern and standard are simply selected using push button switches, with the selection displayed on a small status display.

The SM01 can be powered using a universal input power adaptor or it can run standalone using internal batteries for up to 5 hours of continuous operation.




SDI output 525i, 625i.
CVBS output


SD Patterns

75%/100%/SMPTE/75%+Red Colour bars: Black/White/50% grey flat fields: 2T, 20T and Pulse bar, Ramp, 5/10 step linearity: CCIR17/18/330 and 331, FCC Comp and FCC MB, N7C MBF and N7C MPF: 5.8MHz Multiburst, 6/2.75MHz Luma/chroma sweep: Pathological (SDI test): Matrix, Circular zone plate.


+5VDC (Universal AC-DC converter supplied) or rechargeable battery (NiMh).

Dimensions 160mm x 165mm x 55mm


£495.00 (Contact SingMai for quantity prices or dealer discounts)


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