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SM05 is an NTSC/PAL video encoder and pattern generator.

SM05 accepts an SDI input which it encodes to a broadcast quality single-ended or differential NTSC or PAL output. In the absence of an SDI input one of 10 patterns may be selected. A pre-emphasis function boosts high frequencies for the transmission across long distances of cable.

SM05 accepts an SDI input which it encodes to a broadcast quality single ended or differential NTSC or PAL output.



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Power Supply lead


Download the SM05 user manual:




SM05 Specfications

SDI Input:

525i or 625i (SMPTE-259M), auto select.

Video Output:

NTSC-M or PAL CVBS, simultaneous single-ended and differential outputs.

Programmable high frequency preemphasis.


Switch position NTSC-M PAL
0 75% colour bars 75% colour bars
1 100% colour bars 100% colour bars
2 SMPTE colour bars 75% bars + red
6 Frequency sweep CCIR331
7 Limit ramp Ramp
8 50% Grey 50% Grey
9 75% Red 75% Red



Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 27mm.

Power: +5VDC (90V-260V AC-DC adaptor supplied).

Operating temperature: -10 - +40 degC. YouTube page

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