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VQMA-C: Camera Video Test Pattern Test Chart

VQMA-C is a camera test chart allowing the evaluation and measurement of video camera performance.

The chart measures 55.9cm x 33.6cm and is mounted on 1.5mm board for rigidity but also light weight. The chart can easily be mounted on any flat surface.

When used with the VQMA video analyser fully automated 'pass/fail' measurements of a video camera may be made.


  • The four blue-white circles allow the VQMA analyzer to correct for geometric image distortions, allowing the measurement setup to be less critical.
  • The top of the test chart has horizontal and vertical wedges for the subjective evaluation of camera resolution performance.
  • The colour bars allow the evaluation and measurement of RGB/YUV levels and colour space conversion accuracy.
  • The grey scale allows the evaluation of luma levels, the RGB matrix and gamma.
  • The multiburst allows the evaluation of frequency response and aliasing issues.
  • The multi pulse sector allows the evaluation of Y and UV gain and delay and K-factor pulse response (e.g. overshoots)



The VQMA-C may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.

1-5: £395.00

5-9: £325.00


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