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SM18 is a dual channel aCVi to HD-SDI receiver module with synchroniser

aCVi is a video interface for transmitting SD and HD video over long distances of coaxial or twisted pair cable.

SM18 accepts two independent channels of aCVi which it decodes to two HD-SDI outputs. In addition it has a full frame synchroniser which co-times the two channels to pixel accuracy, making it ideal for stereo/3D camera video installations.

aCVi has applications in:

  • CCTV/security.
  • Industrial inspection.
  • Remote imaging.
  • Subsea imaging, ROV vehicles.
  • Pipeline inspection.
  • Vehicle cameras.
  • Information displays.
  • 3D/stereo inspection.

SM18 is a dual channel aCVi to HD-SDI converter module.

  • Two completely independent receive channels.
  • Coaxial or twisted pair cable support (user selectable).
  • Full frame synchroniser allows pixel accurate synchronisation between the two channels.
  • Accepts 720p-25/30/50/60Hz, 1080p-24/25/30Hz and 1080i-50/60Hz video standards.
  • Automatic video standard detection.
  • HD-SDI output format.
  • 30MHz luma bandwidth and 7.5MHz chroma bandwidth (4:1:1 format)
  • Fully specified for reception of >300m (RG-59 coaxial).
  • Automatic cable length equalisation.


Download the SM18 user manual.

SM06 user manual


For the highest quality and reliability, the SM18 module uses Analog Devices components.


The SM18 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.
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