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SM03 SD Video Input Processor

The SM03 accepts analogue NTSC, PAL and SECAM video sources which it processes to produce a pristine output that you won't believe is only standard definition. Ideal as a preprocessor for video compression or for improving noisy or low contrast images.


SM03 - breathe new life into SD video



SM09 Video Distribution Amplifier

SM09 is an NTSC/PAL/960H video distribution amplifier. SM09 accepts all SD video formats and provides 8 buffered, filtered and DC restored video outputs.


SM09 video distribution amplifier


SM05 SD Video encoder

SM05 accepts an SDI video source (525i or 625i) which it encodes to a broadcast quality NTSC or PAL composite video output.


SM05 NTSC/PAL video encoder module



SM11 Video Text overlay

SM11 accepts an SDI video source (up to 1080p/60Hz resolution) over which it can overlay 112 characters/symbols. Text is written via an RS232 interface.


SM11 video text overlay and character generator YouTube page

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