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SingMai offer a range of modules for the processing, monitoring and, generation of video images.

SingMai video processing modules

Information on SingMai's aCVi modules, supporting the long distance transmission of HD video across coaxial or twisted-pair cable may be found here.

Information on SingMai's SD and HD video test pattern generators and the SM04 video waveform monitors may be found here.









Video Processing modules available include:

SM03 NTSC/PAL Video Enhancement module. The SM03 accepts analogue NTSC and PAL video sources which it processes to produce a pristine output that you won't believe is only standard definition. Ideal as a preprocessor for video compression or for improving noisy or low contrast images.

SM17 is a frame synchroniser module. SM17 accepts two asynchronous SDI inputs (up to 1080p/60Hz resolution). It then synchronises the two video inputs to pixel accuracy so they are vertically and horizontally aligned. Applications include the synchronising of two video cameras for 3D/stereo video.

SM11 is a video text overlay module. SM11 accepts an SDI video source (up to 1080p/60Hz resolution) over which it can overlay 112 characters. Text is written via an RS232 interface.







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