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aCVI is a Singmai propietary interface capable of transmitting high definition video over long distances of either twisted pair or coaxial cable with the highest quality.

aCVi consists of two modules, the transmitter module, which accepts HDMI or HD-SDI inputs and converts them to aCVi, and a receiver module which converts the aCVi back to either HD-SDI or HDMI. No user adjustment is necessary as the modules auto detect the video standard and automatically compensates for the cable length.

aCVi is also available as IP cores for integration into your own products.

aCVi long distance video transmission
SM02 video test pattern generator

SM02 is a broadcast quality video test pattern generator.

SM02 generates simultaneous SDI, CVBS and YPbPr outputs for all NTSC and PAL SD formats as well as 3G/HD-SDI, HD analogue formats and YPbPr outputs.

SM02 generates 19 different patterns, including a circular zone plate and provides full control over the signal parameters. SM02 can also add white noise and hum to the CVBS output.

The SM02 can be powered using a universal input power adaptor or it can run standalone using internal batteries for up to 5 hours of continuous operation.

SM11 is a text overlay module. SM11 accepts SDI or HD-SDI digital video up to 1080p30 resolution and overlays onto that text and characters. The SM11 has 112 pre-programmed characters and also has 16 user programmable characters. The control interface is RS232.

SM11 video character overlay module

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SM01 NTSC/PAL/SDI Video Pattern Generator

SM11 SDI Video text overlay module


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