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SM01 Portable 3G-SDI / HD-SDI / SDI Video Test Pattern Generator

The SM01 supports 21 broadcast quality 3G-/HD-/SDI video standards, from 525i to 1080p/60Hz. 22 standard definition and 19 high definition video patterns allow comprehnsive testing of your product or installation. Simple push button selection of the standard and pattern together with a detailed user manual allow non-skilled operators to perform the testing.

The SM01 is portable with up to 4 hours of continuous battery operation.


SM01 3G-SDI / HD-SDI / SDI video test pattrern generator

SM02 Portable NTSC / PAL Video Test Pattern Generator

The SM02-SD provides 18 broadcast quality NTSC/PAL video test patterns, including all the VITS standard signals and a zone plate. A comprehensive user manual allows non-technical people to perform measurements on video equipment or installations.

The SM02 is portable with up to 4 hours of continuous battery operation.


SM02 NTSC or PAL video test pattern generator



SM13 is an HD-SDI/SDI attenuator.

SM13 accepts HD-SDI or SDI inputs which it attenuates from -1.0dB to a maximum of -32dB in 1.0dB steps. SM13 is ideal for testing the robustness of serial digital links but may also be used to test other RF links up to 2GHz bandwidth (e.g. aCVi).

SM13 HD-SDI / SDI attenuator

SingMai Video Test Equipment

Video test equipment can be difficult to use and very expensive. As a result many companies just use subjective evaluation of their product or installation. But this can create issues in the future if failure rate or product failures occur after production.

What is the margin on your installation and how expensive would it be if you have to return to the customer and repair a failed installation?

What is the possible damage to your company's reputation as a result of failing to test?

SingMai offer easy to use, low cost, yet full-featured products to allow you to fully test your video products.

Each product comes with a comprehensive user manual detailing the purpose of each test and how to interpret the results.

All our products may be purchased on-line via PayPal.

All products are backed by a no-quibble 3-year guarantee.

SM30 is an Efinix FPGA Programmer module.

SM30 provides SPI and JTAG outputs for the programming of Efinix FPGAs. The SM30 accepts USB 2.0 inputs and is compatible with the Efinix FPGA programmer. This programmer module can program the Efinix FPGA via JTAG or program the EEPROM via a SPI interface, eliminating the need to add the FT2232 module to the FPGA board.

SM30 is an Efinix FPGA Programmer module. YouTube page

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