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SM03 NTSC/PAL Video Decoder and Enhancer

Decoding and enhancement of analogue NTSC and PAL video images.

Applications include: remote inspection, subsea imaging, pipeline inspection, MPEG compression pre-processor.

Sparkle and video noise reduction.

Video contrast enhancement.

Analogue NTSC or PAL video inputs.

SDI (SMPTE-259M) video output.

Fully automatic operation or comprehensive user control.

Compact and low cost.

SM17 SDI/HD-SDI Full frame synchroniser
SM17 video frame synchroniser for SDI and HD-SDI video

Aligns two free running video sources.

Synchronises video input B to be aligned with video input A.

Applications in broadcast video and 3D / stereo imaging.

SDI or HD-SDI input/output (auto standard detect).

Both input A and input B are re-clocked to remove jitter.

Full frame synchroniser.

Pixel accurate timing.

User adjustable horizontal and vertical position.

Compact and low cost module.

SM09 NTSC / PAL / aCVi Video Test Pattern Generator

Battery operated video test pattern generator.

NTSC / PAL / PAL-M / PAL-N SD standards.

12 aCVi HD standards.

16 broadcast specification, 10-bit test patterns including a circular zone plate.

Compact (120 x 78 x 27mm) and low cost.

SM11 SD/HD Video Character Overlay

54mm x 33mm module.

Accepts BT656 or BT1120 inputs (525i, 625i, 720p and 1080p standards).

Overlays 112 pre-programmed and 16 user-prgrammable characters and symbols.

60 x 30 (36) NTSC (PAL) overlay. 160 x 67 1080p overlay.

Programmable character and background colours.

RS232 control.





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