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SM03: NTSC / Video Enhancer and Decoder

SM03 is an NTSC / PAL video decoder and enhancer designed to produce high quality video images from the most difficult video sources.

SM03 accepts NTSC-M or PAL video formats which it first decodes using an adaptive 3D comb filter decoder for best resolution and minimal artifacts. The right hand side of the image below shows a conventional line comb decoder. The cross-colour that can be seen on the arm of the woman both hides the real detail in the image, but also uses up valuable bandwidth when compressed for transmission or recording. On the left side of the image, the output of the SM03 3D comb filter is shown.

The resulting decoded video is then noise reduced using an adaptive median filter (to remove 'speckle' and 'dot' noise - the adaptive filter retains edge detail unlike a standard median filter) and then using a motion adaptive video noise reducer which reduces conventional noise, such as that shown below from an image intensified camera.

The noise reducer adapts to moving objects, reducing image blurring (although this can be turned off for very noisy images such as that above). The short video clip below (note 65MB size - left is original, right is noise reduced) shows the noise reducer operating with moving objects and varying degrees of noise.

The 'clean' video is then re-synchronised in a full frame TBC to produce a stable, low jitter output that conforms to the SDI output specification regardless of the input signal.

Other signal processing available includes adaptive contrast enhancement (histogram equalisation) and colour transient improvement which improves the apparent sharpness of the colour signal but without causing overshoots.

The SM03 also accepts stereo audio inputs which are embedded into the SDI output. The audio signals may be delayed to correct for lip-sync issues.

SM03 is affordable and has comprehensive yet simple to use user controls (a fully automatic mode is the default setting).

View the SM03 leaflet.

  • NTSC, PAL and Y/C (S-VHS) inputs.
  • 12 bit ADC and 10 bit data paths.
  • Adaptive 3D comb filter decoding.
  • 5x5 adaptive median filter.
  • Motion adaptive 3D noise reduction.
  • Histogram equalisation (contrast enhancement).
  • Colour transient improvement.
  • Full frame synchroniser.
  • SDI compliant output (SMPTE-259M).
  • Stereo audio inputs with delay (150ms maximum).
  • Low latency (<150us in synchroniser minimum delay mode).
  • User control with on-screen display or fully automatic mode.
  • Compact size (160mm x 78mm x 31mm).
  • Supplied with universal input 5VDC AC-DC power supply.



The SM03 may be purchased online using all major credit cards or via PayPal.

1-5 £695.00

(e-mail for very attractive quantity discounts).






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