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aCVI is a Singmai propietary interface capable of transmitting high definition video over long distances of either twisted pair or coaxial cable with the highest quality.

aCVi consists of two modules, the transmitter module, which accepts HDMI or HD-SDI inputs and converts them to aCVi, and a receiver module which converts the aCVi back to either HD-SDI or HDMI. No user adjustment is necessary as the modules auto detect the video standard and automatically compensates for the cable length.

aCVi is also available as IP cores for integration into your own products.

aCVi long distance video transmission
Oculux, agile self-powered CCTV camera

Oculux is an advanced, self-powered CCTV camera that can be deployed quickly by a single operator within minutes.

Once deployed the cameras panaoramic field of view, battery power supply and integrated storage allow the camera to immediately capture the event.

For longer term applications the camera offers wide temperature range operation, motion detection, WiFi and 3G/4G communication, encrypted storage and communication and very low light imaging capability.

The fast deployment method allows a single operator to attach (and detach) the camera to the corner of buildings, telegraph poles, trees or lampposts within minutes with no specialised equipment or vehicles.

SM02 is a broadcast quality video test pattern generator and encoder.

SM02 generates simultaneous SDI, CVBS and YPbPr outputs for all NTSC and PAL SD formats as well as HD/3G-SDI, aCVi and YPbPr outputs for HD video formats.

SM02 generates 19 different patterns, including a circular zone plate and the VQMA matrix test pattern for automated video measurements.

Additionally, SM02 accepts SDI inputs which it can encode to any of the output formats. SM02 can also add white noise and hum to the CVBS/aCVi output.

SM02 video test pattern generator

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