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SingMai offer a range of compact, proven, intellectual property (IP) cores for video and image processing.

All of our IP cores are supplied as RTL compliant Verilog source code for a single affordable one-time fee and come with comprehensive design-in support. SingMai can also offer customization of the IP cores to provide our customers with the best solution we can possibly can.

IP Core Description  

PT5 is a high quality video decoder with an adaptive 3D comb filter supporting all NTSC and PAL standards.

PT5 accepts up to 12-bit digital composite inputs and provides a 20-bit YCbCr output (4:2:2). PT5 can also accept fixed sample rate inputs (e.g from an IP demodulator).


PT8 is a high quality video encoder supporting the generation of all NTSC and PAL standards.

PT8 accepts a 10-bit BT656 input and provides a 10 bit composite digital output up-sampled to 27MHz.


PT9 is a high quality video encoder supporting the generation of all NTSC and PAL standards.

PT9 has a proprietary cross colour reduction that reduces the amount of cross colour when decoded with a conventional line comb decoder.


PT51 is a 'universal' video decoder. PT51 accepts 10-bit digital composite video in NTSC, PAL, 960H, 1280H, aCVi or other analogue HD formats, which it decodes to a 20 bit YCbCr (4:2:2) output.


PT55 is a 'universal' video encoder. PT55 accepts BT656/BT1120 format video inputs which it encodes to NTSC, PAL, 960H, aCVi or other analogue HD formats.


PT12 is a motion adaptive recursive video noise reducer for both SD and HD video.


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