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SingMai offer a range of compact, proven, intellectual property (IP) cores for video and image processing.

All of our IP cores are supplied as RTL compliant Verilog source code for a single affordable one-time fee (single use, multiple unit license) and come with comprehensive design-in support. SingMai can also offer customization of the IP cores to provide our customers with the best solution we can possibly can.


SingMai are pleased to be a partner of Nautech Inc.

SingMai IP cores provide for the encoding and decoding of all analogue video formats.


The PT5 IP core offers broadcast quality decoding of all NTSC and PAL video sources using a low latency 3D comb filter. Optionally the PT5 can also support fixed clock inputs, 3D luma noise reduction and 960H and SECAM decoding.


The PT8 IP core offers broadcast quality encoding of all NTSC and PAL standards. Optionally the PT8 can support 960H and SECAM encoding.


The PT9 encoder offers the features and performance of the PT8 but also has a proprietary filter to reduce the effect of cross colour artifacts when decoded using a line comb decoder. The PT9 also provides a pre-emphasis filter for the long distance transmission of SD video over cable.

PT51 and PT55

The PT51 and PT55 IP cores provide for 'universal' decoding and encoding of video. The IP cores support NTSC, PAL, 960H and all analogue HD formats.

The PT12 IP core reduces noise in SD and HD video sources using a non-linear motion-adaptive 3D filter.

Noise in video images can use up valuable bandwidth when compressed (noise looks like motion to an MPEG encoder) and can make the decision making difficult in processing such as de-interlacing.

The PT12 reduces random noise in images without image blur or contouring effects.

aCVi IP cores

PT56 aCVi encoder IP core


PT52 aCVi decoder IP core



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