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SM03 is an SD video input processor.


SM03 is an NTSC / PAL / SECAM video decoder and enhancer designed to produce high quality video images from noisy, low contrast and/or out of specification sources.


It is ideal for applications in the:


•Enhancement of noisy, low light images from security/CCTV/image-intensified cameras.

•Recovery of analogue tape and video disc video for de-archiving and transfer to modern media.

•Contrast enhancement of high dynamic range video such as CCTV, pipeline inspection or endoscope images.

•Very low artefact decoding and noise reduction for MPEG encoding pre-processing (reduces compressed bandwidth requirement by up to 20% compared with conventional decoders).

•Broadcast quality decoding of composite video images.


The SM03 has applications in:


•Security/CCTV camera installations.

•Subsea/pipeline inspection.


•Remote video inspection.

•Vehicle cameras.

•Industrial imaging.



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Download the SM03 user manual:





SM03 Specfications

Video Inputs:

  • NTSC/PAL/SECAM standards.
  • CVBS (BNC: ~1.0V into 75Ω).
  • 12-bit ADC, 54MHz sample rate.
  • 4dB overhead margin. Digital automatic gain control.
  • Digital ACC (automatic colour gain).

Video Output:

  • 525i/625i serial digital interface (SDI - SMPTE-259M).
  • BNC: 800mV pk-pk).

Video Decoder:

  • Motion adaptive, minimum delay 3D comb filter (frame, field, line, notch selected on a pixel by pixel basis).

Noise reduction:

  • Motion adaptive 3D recursive filter.
  • 5x5 adaptive median filter (Y channel only).


  • Full frame synchroniser.
  • Crystal based output sync pulse generator. Compliant, low jitter output under all input video conditions.

Chroma enhancement:

  • Adaptive chroma edge enhancement (no overshoots or ringing).

Contrast enhancement:

  • Adaptive histogram equalization (Y channel only).


  • 3-button select with video character overlay.
  • EEPROM storage of user settings.


  • Stereo analogue audio input (48kHz sampling).
  • Audio embedded into SDI output.
  • Programmable audio delay for lipsync compensation.
  • Audio delay can track synchroniser delay.


  • 170mm x 105mm x 33mm.

Power Supply:

  • 5VDC (90V-260V AC-DC adaptor supplied). YouTube page

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