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Transmit SD and HD video long distances   SingMai Electronics - applications for products.   SingMai Electronics - news
  • Long distance transmission of high definition video over twisted pair or coaxial cable.
  • Decoding and encoding of analogue video.
  • Video test and measurement equipment.
  • Video noise reduction.
  • Video enhancement.
  • Video camera interfacing and design.
  • Broadcast TV.
  • Remote video inspection.
  • CCTV/Security.
  • Subsea/pipeline inspection.
  • Industrial imaging.
  • Information displays.
  • Vehicle cameras.
  • 3D/stereo imaging.
Introduction to SingMai
Featured product
  • Formed in 2007.
  • Customers include Rhode and Schwarz, Lockheed, L3, General Dynamics, Rockchip and ATX networks.
  • Inventors of analogue composite HD video transmission.
  • View the company presentation here.
  • View a presentation on our long distance video transmission products here.
  • SM03 video decoder and enhancer.
  • NTSC or PAL inputs - HDMI output.
  • Adaptive 3D comb filter decoder.
  • Median filter for 'salt and pepper' noise reduction.
  • Motion adaptive recursive noise reducer.
  • Histogram equalisation (adaptive contrast enhancement).
  • Chroma transient improvement.
  • Compact and low cost module.
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 7511 476736
  • e-mail:
  • Skype: singmai.electronics

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